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Trying new challenges for mental and physical happiness

Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal is to revolutionize mental and physical health by quickly visualizing stress in humans and animals, for example, with our simple biomolecular sensing technology derived from molecular chemistry and semiconductor technology. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our technology. For further information, please contact us directly.

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Our Profile

KOKOROMI Inc. is a start-up company established with the support of the Waseda PoC Fund Program. based on biosensor technology developed in the Osaka-Momma Laboratory (Applied Physical Chemistry Division) of Waseda University. In collaboration with the Momma Laboratory, we are working on the development of cutting-edge molecular sensing technology and focusing on researching market needs, user habits and trends in order to provide useful biosensing to people.

Our goal is to provide devices that enable anyone to easily detect biomarker molecules around us through integrated biosensing technology using silicon semiconductors, thereby benefiting human and animal health. Established in 2022, we are striving to become a leader in the development of new biosensing markets through the cooperation of experts in life sciences and applied chemistry, as well as electronics and information technol

Introduction video

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​Skin patch type sensor (Reference 1)

English-Japanese 1.png

​How biosensors work (Reference 2)

Introducing Technology

KOKOROMI Inc. aims to provide technology to measure the concentration of a specific biomolecule over and over again by means of a biosensor in which an antibody (protein) or aptamer (nucleic acid) that captures the specific biomolecule is immobilized on a semiconductor chip.

For example, sensors that measure the concentration of stress hormones and stress-related substances from saliva and sweat not only enable simple stress checks at home and in the workplace, but also help us understand the feelings of animals such as pets and cattle. The lower left photo shows a nano-sheet-based stick-on sensor developed to measure ion concentrations in sweat.

In addition, we will work to develop simple testing technologies for various molecular markers useful in medicine and health, such as viruses, food allergens, and anti-cancer drug levels in the blood


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Related news

  1. "University and National Research Institute Startups: Social Innovation with Deep Tech (4) Attempt: Development of Sensor for Biomarkers to Rapidly Measure Stress in Living Things," Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, December 8, 2022, p. 23.

  2. "Simple Stress Test Using Saliva," Nikkei Science, October 2020 issue, Japan Watch, pp. 18-19.  


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Introduction Video

  1. The Challenges of Waseda's startups #5 (Youtube: 2023/02/28)

ホーム: 概要

Company Profile

Company name: KOKOROMI, Inc.

〒169-00511-22-3 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

​Corporate number: 5011101098570

Established: April 2022

Waseda University Entrepreneurship Center​community member

Business content

・Biosensors and related systems,

・Technology provision, R & D support



ホーム: スタッフ紹介

Members Introduction

As of April 2024


CEO and Co-founder


Chief Scientist

ホーム: お問い合わせ


Waseda University Building 19-3, 1-22-3 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0051 Waseda University Entrepreneurship Center Room 12

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